Timeframe:  January 2023 - March 2023     |     Role: 2D Game Artist + UI Designer
Collaboration with Jake Suraba, Donald Neidecker - Gonzales, Toby McGuire, and Markyl Reed - McFarland
Wheeli is a 2D single-player game that lets you play as ... Wheeli, who loves roller skating. As the only one wearing a helmet at the beach town skate park, you receive rude comments from bullies at the park calling you a nerd for wearing a helmet. It's your job to get sweet revenge on the bullies by being the best one in the skate park and not letting them bring you down. Use your helmet to protect yourself from the enemies along the way and reach the checkered flag at the end of the skate park!
This game idea was pitched by Jake Suraba at the beginning of 2023 and we developed it in Unity over two months. Currently, there are three levels - each with varying difficulty, and the game controls rely on the ASD + space bar movement mechanic, to provide a fun and smooth skating experience. The art direction is flat and simple, and the assets were created in Adobe Illustrator. My contributions included level paintovers, art asset creation, design of UI elements like buttons and menu screens, and character design for bullies and enemies. The original Wheeli character art direction is by Jake Suraba, and I designed the roller skates and created a vector character sprite.

Introduction screens:
Narrative screen 1
Narrative screen 1
Narrative screen 2
Narrative screen 2
Gameplay screenshots:
Selection of assets I created for the game:
Wheeli states (default, hurt, dizzy, angry) by Markyl Reed-McFarland and Bullies Design by me:
Early prototyping phase:
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