2D single player, side-scrolling adventure game     |     Timeframe: August 2020 - December 2020     |     Role: 2D Game Artist + Game Designer
It is the year 2100 and there is a technology that allows some objects to move on their own. The main character of this game is an older computer that feels like it has missed out on most of its life just being inside a room. It decides to go and explore the local museum where it tries to collect knowledge points while avoiding other moving objects that might not be welcoming to visitors.
The main game level contains four rooms. After entering the building, the player can use objects to hide from enemies or jump onto other objects and avoid the enemies. The goal is to collect all of the knowledge points (open books spread out across the rooms). Each book is about museum artifacts from the corresponding museum floor and there are 8 collectibles in total. Based on the number of points collected, the player is able to unlock an encounter with a mysterious museum exhibit at the end of the level. All enemies and hazards look different, but they are recognizable as the objects that move horizontally, or holes in the floor that the player has to avoid, otherwise they can fall onto the enemy on the previous floor. Halfway through the level, there is a checkpoint where the player respawns in case they lose all lives after this mark. The player receives short tutorials through dialogue boxes that are activated in specific areas.  Finally, in order to enhance the fun player experience, there are 3 photo stations (marked with a camera icon) where the player can stand and activate the camera-click sound, followed by the little picture of them that appears above them. 
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