Timeframe: October 2020 - December 2020     |     Role: Graphic Designer
UF RecSports publishes "Find Your Right" pamphlet series every semester to advertise the fitness, sport, and outdoor recreation offerings available to members. The "Find Your Right" series consists of two 2-page brochures and one leaflet. My designs were inspired by the mix of unique typography, minimal colors, and photography that captures motion. For each piece, I chose a set of two pictures of the same person engaging in a certain activity that best represents the information covered inside the pamphlet. The pamphlets were created in Adobe Photoshop, and they were distributed across three RecSports facilities throughout the Spring 2021 semester. 
The clients for this project included colleagues from various RecSports departments. Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education was involved in providing the content and feedback for the "Adventure" booklet, whereas the Strength and Conditioning department was involved in providing information and schedules for the "Sport" pamphlet. For the "Fit" booklet, I worked with people from the Nutrition Services, Group Fitness, and Personal Training departments. 
The main goal of the project was to capture the spirit and mission of RecSports and explain the offerings in events and activities planned for the Spring 2021 semester. It was important to encourage members to participate and find services that suit their interests and needs all in one place. I focused my design goals on creating a consistent layout for the covers and pages for all three booklets while giving each of them a unique color palette and series of photos that best represent the information contained inside. 
Working on this project was a great opportunity for creative experimentation with typography, photo editing, page layouts, and visual communication. I did multiple drafts and I tried a couple of different designs which inspired the final versions. I think that the final versions invite people to be curious, get more involved in the RecSports community, and try something new. After making each draft for this project, I asked myself questions related to the project's goals, which together with feedback from clients and colleagues helped me narrow down the selection towards the final outcome.
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