All My Marbles are Lost is a short film that interacts with questions of inactivity in the age of desensitization, persecutory delusion, social isolation, and denialism in regard to gun violence in schools. The film follows Mr. Matthews, the current principal of the High School, through a normal day. His day includes arriving at school at 6 am sharp, answering emails, making sure students are in class, leaving love notes for his wife who is also a teacher at the school, and fighting back the persecutory delusion induced by his irrational fear of getting shot at work. Most days Mr. Matthews is able to push back his constant hallucinations, but recently they have become more troublesome. When these episodes occur, everything tends to get more … bloxy. But he is usually able to snap back to his senses before he becomes too far gone, but he is always being reminded of what could happen. 
The character of Mr. Matthews in the short animated film is a 3D scan of a kinetic sculpture previously made as part of the Broaden Your Sense of Normal series.
This piece was featured in the 2020 TEDxUFSalon's Art Showcase ''Our Digital Conscience'' 
Collaboration with John Walker (
Environment stills:
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