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Collaboration with John Walker ( 
Exhibition held at 4Most Gallery & Studio (2/7/20 - 2/21/20) 
Broaden Your Sense of Normal is a collaborative project by myself and my best friend John 'Feeshy' Walker. The project reflects on the Gen Z experience of growing up amidst the school shooting epidemic. We intertwined experiences, fiction, game culture, internet culture, and post-irony to explore themes of denialism, hopelessness, desensitization, social isolation, survivor’s guilt, inactivity, and persecutory delusion. Storytelling is crucial throughout this project. Through developing characters and worlds, they intertwine experience, fiction, game culture, and internet meme culture to create works that are portraits of the psyche of America's youth in the form of short films, sculptures, 2D and 3D prints, and games. In this way, they utilize characters and worlds as avatars to create larger reflections of contemporary issues, societal behaviors, and individual experiences.
Read the Dinner + No Show article written by Hope Scheff about our project and the exhibition
The "Space Drill Y21K" arcade machine was exhibited back to back with the "Hot Shot" arcade machine by Dylan Burgess and Jelena Pistinjat
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